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Complete Asset Management, Regulatory and Financial Solutions for Business Aviation

At Rubicon Aviation we are a highly experienced team of independent professional advisors in all aspects of acquiring, protecting, owning, and chartering of business aircraft.

We have decades of combined in-depth experience in aircraft transactions, management, charter brokerage, technical and regulatory compliance and operating costs optimisation.


Rubicon Aviation is a private or corporate use-only, 
non-commercial aircraft operator. This type of operation affords the owners several important advantages and our management model maximises the value of private operation to our clients.

Operating Cost Analysis and Optimisation

We have developed proprietary reporting systems and expense evaluation algorithms to assess operating costs, detect errors and benchmark costs against vast database of industry prices. We aim to optimise operating and technical maintenance expenses by directing aircraft business relationships and supply arrangements to deeper value-oriented products and services providers.

Maintenance and Airworthiness Management

We analyse, organise, and manage the entire technical life cycle of an aircraft. From pre-purchase inspections and developing optimised maintenance schedules to supervising major events, to regulatory compliance and rigorous cost control – we provide airworthiness services efficiently and at the highest level of competence.

Aircraft Acquisitions and Sales

Rubicon Aviation is a leader in arranging and facilitating aircraft transactions. We loyally serve our clients’ needs across the globe by combining market intelligence, technology and relationships fostered over many years to maximise the value to our clients – whether they look to acquire or disinvest of a business aircraft.

Charter Brokerage

We have been helping our clients to arrange individual and group private jet charter for nearly two decades. We also organise air cargo charters for all types of freight. Our services include full support throughout your journey with the highest level of service for your complete peace of mind.

Unrivalled Quality of Service

At Rubicon Aviation we pride ourselves on offering our clients a turn-key set of solutions. We serve a diverse, global client base of corporations and High Net Worth individuals and families. We are always in tune with our clients’ cultural differences and nuanced expectations and deliver the highest quality service with discretion and personal attention to detail. With us you always have a trusted partner who holds your best interest at heart.